New Format Brings Real Time Intensity to WTT Draft Day, March 13th @ 12 Noon

Posted on February 28, 2018

The 2018 WTT Draft is coming soon Tuesday, March 13 at 12 Noon — and BIG changes are coming to draft day!

For 2018, all Franchise and Roster players will be pooled into one single draft.

Additionally, all teams now have the ability to re-sign players who played for them last season in advance of the draft. This means that instead of using draft picks to “protect” returning players (as in past drafts), teams will be now be able to strategically use each draft pick solely to select new players.

On all fronts, the new draft format means that owners, general managers and coaches will have some very tough, real-time draft day decisions to make.

I’m excited about the new WTT Draft format,” Freedoms Head Coach Craig Kardon says. “There will be twice the drama in the Draft Room as we juggle decisions about the order of selection of Franchise and Roster players. I’m looking forward to this as it will be both dramatic and fun. I’m confident that we’ll come out of the draft with a great team!

Look for a big announcement from the Freedoms regarding the 2018 Roster next Tuesday!